Staffing Made Simple *

willSub is the solution to all your staffing needs...

ESS Midwest uses willSub to assist districts with their staffing programs, providing an automated substitute placement and absence tracking system to schools. By combining this with the benefits of contract employment and payroll processing, ESS Midwest offers districts a single source that meets the needs of education professionals everywhere.

“Moving to a third party service for securing substitutes was a big move for us. We had always used a clerical position for this in the past. The rep reached out to us for 3 years before we finally decided it was time to let the experts handle our needs. The time had come where securing a substitute was getting more difficult and consuming so much time that it wasn't feasible to physically make phone calls anymore. The transition was wonderfully simple. The Willsub staff came in several different days to meet and enroll our current subs into the system. It was so smooth. Our staff was able to learn the basics of the system fairly quick. I can't imagine ever going back to the old process.”

- Julie Christensen
Human Resources
Garrett, IN