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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to purchase more computers to use Willsub?

A. Willsub is a service. No additional computers need to be purchased by School Districts. Teachers and substitute teachers will need access to a computer to use Willsub's advanced features, but all of Willsub's basic services can be accessed using a telephone.

Q. When are Willsub's services available?

A. Willsub is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Teachers may call in requests for a substitute teacher any time on the phone or using the internet at

Q. I am a substitute teacher and I prefer elementary school jobs instead of high school jobs. Can I make sure that I get called only for elementary jobs?

A. Substitutes may enter their preferences at These include types of jobs you prefer as well as times you prefer to be contacted.

Q. I've tried entering my USER ID and my PIN many times and I keep getting a message that says 'Your Willsub session has logged out, please click here to log back in again.' I know I'm entering them correctly, what's going on?

A. You need to make sure that your web browser's support for cookies is enabled, and that you have selected the correct time and time zone in your Date/Time control panel.