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About Willsub

 Willsub is an Automated Absence Tracking and Substitute Placement System. Since March of 2000, Willsub technology has placed substitute teachers with the mission of saving schools money and administrative costs.

 Willsub is a proprietary, patented, software program, exclusively provided by ESS Midwest. In order to protect your data - it resides on secure servers at all times. Other features, including payroll processing and District information tracking are integrated into our system, making ESS Midwest/Willsub a truly turnkey package. When you combine our total solution proprietary software, and the educational contract employment experience of ESS Midwest, we are able to provide a full service in a single vendor to Districts in a way no other company can.

 With the ever-changing needs of schools, Willsub has continually developed new features and upgrades. These upgrades have allowed schools to become even more efficient while further reducing costs

 ESS Midwest powered by Willsub includes the following features:

• Automated On-Line substitute management system
• Substitute teacher training program on-line
• Orientation for Substitute teachers and Training for all Willsub users
• Recruitment of substitute teachers and other positions as needed
• Complete Payroll Services and District Information Management
• Free Technical Support
• No Upgrade or Annual Maintenance Fees
• No unexpected charges
• Experienced staff with over 20 years in personnel and employment law.