Staffing Made Simple *

willSub is the solution to all your staffing needs...

ESS Midwest uses willSub to assist districts with their staffing programs, providing an automated substitute placement and absence tracking system to schools. By combining this with the benefits of contract employment and payroll processing, ESS Midwest offers districts a single source that meets the needs of education professionals everywhere.

“WillSub has changed the daily life of our admin assistants in such an amazing way. And, on the central office side of the ball, it could not be more mainstream. The ray of sunshine for us is the support given by their team. Their Chat feature is a breath of fresh air. I have never approached them with a question or situation that they have not taken care of for me. That does not mean a breakdown in their system, but something we don’t understand or confuses us. Then, a transcript of our conversation is emailed for our reference. Through reports offered on the site, we are able to see numbers, trends and possible situations that can be addressed to be proactive. Choosing WillSub for our substitute service was a wonderful step forward in our district.”

- Stephanie Seaman
Substitute Coordinator
Branson Public Schools, MO